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April 3, 2018

Spring Cleaning

Springs, washers, nuts, rusted, twisted metal and more, that is.  Having just completed our latest piece of found-metal, mixed medium sculpture, we are ready to organize the pile of discarded, “discarded” supplies.  As part of our process, we look through a ton of pieces hoping to find the perfect fit for whatever we are attempting to create.  This often takes us on a treasure-hunt through boxes, bins and piles of mixed up components.  We have often made valiant efforts to consolidate, organize and label these findings into a less chaotic arrangement.  Most difficult is putting the various pieces into categories.  That is the very key to it all.  We have been having fun designing and building our sculptures for more than three years. It has been quite a hilarious challenge to decide what characteristics of these bits of odds and ends are most outstanding.  When we figure that out, then we can put a proper label on a container and hopefully find others like it.
This is the task we have set before ourselves.  First step is to assemble some metal shelving.  Okay, that is the third step really.  First was to decide what and where to buy said shelves.  Now we need to cut down the poles to fit the low-ceilinged basement studio.  That’s todays job.  Tomorrow we will begin the sorting fun.  Wish us luck!  

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March 11, 2018

It's Daylight Savings Time!

Another hour of sunshine.  Something to celebrate.  We are going to use the opportunity to get out there and shop the road.  While online shopping is taking over, we still like to get out and pick up a few things in person.  Maybe not in  traditional brick and mortar places but there are some bricks as well as blacktop, cement, grass, pebbles, rocks, weeds, and wildlife there. All of these are part of the experience of strolling along the "aisles" of our supply "house."

February 7, 2018

Road Trip!

Tempted by the surplus of pot holes we took to the highway rolling along with our granny cart. We trekked about five miles looking for supplies. Thankfully there were plenty of “treasures” to be found.  Though it’s a bit weird to be picking up items as cars and trucks whiz by, we imagine they are all looking at the two nuts on the side of the road picking up garbage.  We wonder – What must they be thinking?  After a few self-conscious moments we get on with collecting supplies for future artworks.  The adventure gives us lots of exercise, walking while talking and bending and lifting found materials.  Next time we are going to add a 2 Nutty Artists sign to our little cart.  Oh, the things we find!  Broken tools, washers, twisted and rusted pieces of things, bottle caps, cans, and of course lots of nuts.
We decided to weigh our loot.  Can you guess how much we collected in one afternoon?
Send us your best guess (in pounds) using our contact page.
We will give the answer and a shout out to the closest guess.

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December 7, 2017

It's been a busy and exciting year.

Our first resolution is going to be to blog more about our work and experiences this coming year!

We have completed many works and had the privilege of displaying our sculptures at a number of

art exhibits in 2017.

For the coming year we are hoping to create many new pieces.

And while we don't usually look forward to ice and snow,  a few little potholes could help us to add to our collection of treasured found metals.

A big thank you to all our family and friends for their help gathering materials for us and their continued support.

Here's wishing everyone

a healthy, happy and peace-filled new year​.

January 26, 2017

Just completed "Missy O' Snow"

After many changes, mostly to her face, we finished up with the button nose little skater.

She joins her big brother,  

"Mr. O' Snow," at the pond!

It's been an exciting Month for us. We have our second showing at Emerge Gallery in Saugerties, NY, where "Hoot" the owl was purchased recently.

Robert Langdon has been so kind and helpful. The gallery is a wonderful place to browse and shop.

Janet and her husband, Jim, have been out jogging and have found so many great pieces for us to work with.

Heather's family has also been contributing new "street" metal.  Thanks to our granddaughters for always keeping a lookout for treasures!

We are looking forward to starting a new sculpture very soon!

Thanks for your support! Please keep safe as you are out and about, perhaps finding a piece of metal or 2 to add to our supplies. 


December 14, 2016

Guess whose coming to dinner?

Just began working on our next piece!​   
It's always fun to see how things progress.  

We are trying to get the rhythm of taking photos to capture the many changes that each piece goes through before it reveals what it wants to be.